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Month June 2007

Mac or PC rap They asked me to be in this video, but I just didn’t have the time… or the rhythm.

iGot an iPhone!!!

It was one of those sublime moments of life. I was at Mazzio’s eating dinner with the Wegley’s (Mark & Angela) as a sendoff party for their kids, when Sam came in and said Caro wanted to show me something… Continue Reading →

Elevation Church

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Elevation Church is led by Steven Furtick. This new church may have one of the sharpest and most comprehensive web ministries overall of any church in this series yet. It’s easy to navigate, but in preparing… Continue Reading →

WordPress tutorial

I’m at Dad’s Place working with Dean Cirelli, the world-famous author of Riding with the King. He had a fantastic post the other day that you’ve got to check out. If any of you are interested in receiving your own… Continue Reading →

Wowzers! Desiring God books for only $5 UPDATE

Update: The $5 sale has been extended through noon, June 29! Every book in the Desiring God store will be $5 THROUGH JUNE 29. Since John Piper is probably one of my all-time favorite Christian writers and theologians, you know… Continue Reading →

The importance of excellence

The Fearsome Pirate has a  great post about why your community may not be involved in your church… It’s just, well, boring. And trite. And everything you touch is mediocre. If you say you believe in a glorious God, then… Continue Reading →

Review: The Power of Team-Based Leadership (rated 3 stars)

The Power of Team Leadership: Achieving Success Through Shared Responsibility (Barna Reports) by George Barna All I can really say is… “Yawn.” Barna simply writes too many books. This is probably way too unfair, but anyone who writes as many… Continue Reading →

What’s your excuse for avoiding God’s direction?

Derek over at Waiting in Athens has a powerfully short blog entry related to what excuses we offer to God for not following him. Here they are: God hasn’t spoken to me directly. This dangerous excuse has many forms, including:… Continue Reading →

Review: Stardust (rated 3 stars)

Stardust by Neil Gaiman I had high hopes for Stardust after Mark Wegley recommended it to me. I don’t know if it was my mood or just my expectations that caused this book to simply fall flat. I’ll give it… Continue Reading →

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