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Month June 2007


A new site seeks to become the Digg of the Christian blogosphere. is an interesting concept, but who has the time? With that said, I do encourage you to check it out. It may be your cup of tea…. Continue Reading →

Learning from old dead guys

Justin Taylor said this at the recent Na Conference in response to why it’s important to read and study perspectives from before our own time: I think if we try to—to use Na’s term—“reinvent the wheel”, if we try to… Continue Reading →

Back from Family Camp ’07

We got back this afternoon around 4:00 from our weekend at Beech Springs Baptist Camp near El Dorado. It was a fantastically relaxing weekend spent with some of our dearest friends – our Journey Church family. This was our second… Continue Reading →

Announcements as Chinese water torture

Ouch, ouch, and ha! That was my reaction to reading a recent diatribe about church growth from one website. His initial thought was: If church sucks, people don’t invite others. They don’t think “Man, my friends have got to be… Continue Reading →

On missing Q…

I love being forced to think outside the box by others. There are some conferences and gatherings where you just know that’s going to happen. As one attempts to be used by God to shepherd His people, I think it’s… Continue Reading →

Oh, to be a cartoonist

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert has an entry about his normal day’s routine. I’m inspired and hope to create something similar soon. Check it out. His conclusion? To be a cartoonist, you need: Banana Diet Coke Cat Computer with Wacom… Continue Reading →

Review: Boxer Rebellion (rated 4 stars)

Boxer Rebellion: The Dramatic Story of China’s War on Foreigners that Shook the World in the Summer of 1900 by Diana Preston So few believers today are aware of what shook Christendom in the year 1900. It was a shocking… Continue Reading →

Great single column WordPress theme

Found this blog while looking for WordPress designs today, and was struck by its design and simplicity. Truly, an excellent one-column WordPress theme. Check it out. (It’s in Spanish, so there may be some guesswork involved in surfing.)

Stupid, people…

Did you know that 58% of folks don’t read books after high school? That’s just a recipe for cultural stupidity.

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