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Month July 2007

Small groups, tribalism, and meeting your neighbors

There is a fantastic article/column in an Australian paper by Hugh Mackay about community. Backyard Missionary wrote about it over on his blog. The word community has made a comeback in some church circles in the past 10 years, and… Continue Reading →

Review: Black by Ted Dekker (rated 4 stars)

Black by Ted Dekker Dekker begins this colorful trilogy with the novel Black and tells the story of a young, aimless 20-something who begins having dreams. Strange thing is, he can’t tell which is reality – and when he’s really… Continue Reading →

Christian vs. Christ-follower

Funny video, and thanks to Lou for giving me the heads up! Although I laughed, I felt dirty for doing so.. 😉 What do you think this series is saying about the meaning of the word “Christian” in our culture?

So that’s what duct tape is for…

Over the past two days, I’ve realized why that silver, extremely sticky tape is called “duct tape.” It’s not “duck” tape. For one, mallards and the like don’t slow down long enough to tape them. It started over a week… Continue Reading →

Trust and youth camps

Jeff Kapusta got me with a one-two punch today as I reviewed Bloglines for his latest entries. The first one was about the issue of trusting God and how his church has learned to trust deeply and more. I’d encourage… Continue Reading →

Show me the money!

Woohoo! According to this site, my blog is worth moola. I’m waiting…   My blog is worth $24,839.76. How much is your blog worth?

When things don’t make sense

I don’t remember the term “spiritual warfare” being used much in the churches I grew up in, and I was a three-time-a-weeker. However, there have been times in my adult life and ministry that I’ve been very well aware –… Continue Reading →

An iPhone shake?

Michael alerted me to this via Twitter.

White and Nerdy

I thought this was rather funny… until I forwarded it to Carolyn, and she kept laughing, saying, “Jeff, that’s YOU!” I’m highly offended, but still laughing..

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