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Month July 2007

Coises! Tagged again…

I’m of the opinion of Lou when she says that tagging folks for blog entries is kind of like a chain letter. However, like a moth to flame, I can’t seem to be able to resist the lure. Jenny tagged… Continue Reading →

City on a Hill TV

I’ve got a great friend from college, Andy Dean, who is a videographer in Memphis. He’s been involved in an extensive and exciting new project called City on a Hill Productions. He sent me an email this evening alerting me… Continue Reading →

New look for Notes

I troll around for WordPress themes that I like all the time and have opted to go with a minimalist look for a while. This theme is called Grid Focus and was created by Derek Punsalan, an all around nice… Continue Reading →

Extreme Homemakeover introduces materialism?

Punkisrael is back. David was one of the very first bloggers I began following two years ago, and he stopped for a while. I was disappointed. However, in the last several weeks, he’s been posting again, much to my delight,… Continue Reading →

Yancey on prayer

Still reading Phillip Yancey’s incredible book entitled simply and descriptively, Prayer. Part Three of the book has produced more reflection and insight than the first two parts (there are five total parts). Yancey summarizes the Lord’s Prayer by saying that… Continue Reading →

Sales tax campaign

The LERG in Monticello are preparing to begin an all-out onslaught on our common sense. The Advance released this week the first in an “installment” that seeks to account for the $15 million that the past 10 years of sales… Continue Reading →

Bloglines burp

Has anyone else noticed recently (and occasionally) how Bloglines will burp and give you a whole slew of “new” entries from you subscriptions only to discover that they’re not new at all? Why is that?

Random personality thingy

Beyond Consumerism… Forge

I have no idea what the Forge conference is, but I saw a promo for it over at Backyard Missionary and am extremely intrigued. Who couldn’t be when your promo poster looks like this? They say their goals are the… Continue Reading →

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