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Month August 2007

UAM BCM… old school

Imagine my surprise today to discover an old website still haunting the internet that I had designed more than 7 years ago! I no longer have the internet accounts, so I can’t access it, but I’ve grabbed all the files… Continue Reading →

More on Velvet Elvis

I’ve done more writing about Rob Bell’s book Velvet Elvis than I care to. It’s really not that impacting of a book! Really. However, there’s so much buzz about it in some circles that it just keeps getting talked about,… Continue Reading →

121 Community Church

Based in Grapevine, Texas, the 121 Community Church site is very attractive, but also pretty basic when it comes to some of the sites I’ve been reviewing in this series. One of the reasons I wanted to give it a… Continue Reading →

Like an Indian… INTP

Get it? INTP… I in teepee? Hahahahahah… Uh, ok, nevermind. However, I stumbled across this new personality site that is pretty cool. Check out my results: You can also join a new group I’ve created there. Here’s the skinny on… Continue Reading →

Journey small groups start tonight

Check out the Journey site for more info. If you’re interested, we’re having a group at our house. We’d love to have you! There are other groups as well, but none of them offer free iPods for coming. would you… Continue Reading →

The new Jason Bourne

I just finished laughing my head off at this spoof on The Bourne Ultimatum from Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Don’t worry, the cussing censor-beeper-dude is on the top of his game. You won’t be offended, unless you can read lips.

Our Story, the rain falls on everyone

Carolyn’s junior year started out, in my opinion, much better than her sophomore year. For one thing, she was sporting an expensive diamond ring purchased at the fine gem establishment in Granbury, Texas known as Dave’s Jewelry. For another thing… Continue Reading →

How to listen to a sermon

Tim has done us all a favor by posting an excerpt from one of George Whitfield’s sermons in which he teaches his listeners how to receive the most fruit from a sermon. Interesting take. Whitfield was one of the prominent… Continue Reading →

Our Story, Summer Apart

It was a rather strange caravan to Fort Worth that May weekend. I was driving my red Geo Metro (and no, the color red did not make it more “sporty”), towing a small U-Haul trailor will all my earthly possessions…. Continue Reading →

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