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Month August 2007

Microsoft coming out with a phone!

Stuff I carry

Stumbled across Phil’s blog where he simply took a picture of the stuff he carries around. Then I noticed there’s a whole Flickr group for it. What the? I clicked over and 5 minutes later had to walk away. I… Continue Reading →

Our Story, bidding farewell…

Where were we? Oh yeah… early 1991. A surrender to ministry. Plans for seminary. A little over six months in a romantic relationship with my best friend – Carolyn that is. I always feel like I have to qualify that… Continue Reading →

Nine ways that lend credibility to the Gospel of Christ

John Piper wrote an article back in 1999 that still speaks strongly today. It’s a great read.

Our Story, 1991 a year of change and transition

If you’re still reading this burdgeoning epic, it must mean you’re wasting time. πŸ˜‰ Our Christmas in 1990 was going to be spent apart. Caro went home to Hobbs, while Mitch and I worked all month. In Caro’s massive college… Continue Reading →

Stop complaining… an old idea

I was somewhat amused to see an article on how to stop complaining show up at blog-monster Lifehacker today. Lifehacker consistently ranks among the top 5-10 blogs in the world. Imagine that it found the linked article about the importance… Continue Reading →

Seeds Family Worship CDs

Caro and I received a Seeds Family Worship CD (the one on Purpose) a while back. I think it may have been Christmas. (If you’re the friend or relative who gave it to us, then thanks a ton!) We’ve thoroughly… Continue Reading →

Our Story, Summer-Winter 1990

As I was crawling around in the attic last night looking for pictures of my senior year, Carolyn unearthed her old scrapbook from college. It was a tattered red thing, bent bulging – full of yellowed papers, buttons, collages, and… Continue Reading →

In response to a command to attend church…

Shelley had a great post in response to a friend’s question. I started to respond there as a comment, but it became so long, that I thought I’d bring it over to Notes. It all started as a simple entry… Continue Reading →

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