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Month September 2007

The importance of linking

This post is written mainly to blogging beginners or to those who may get a little lazy in their blogging. One thing I consistently enjoy is checking links from blogs I read to other blogs. It’s a way that I… Continue Reading →

Review: The Barbarian Way (rated 4 stars)

The Barbarian Way: Unleash the Untamed Faith Within by Erwin Raphael McManus Erwin McManus’ short book called The Barbarian Way is a fantastic book challenging believers to quit playing it safe and to embrace a life of adventure, faith, and… Continue Reading →

Bring on the Reformation…

Vintage Christianity has a pretty powerful polemic regarding the need of fresh reformation in the church at large. Read the 25 theses there and let fly your thoughts and comments on which ones struck you deepest.

The new must-see PSP commercials

They’re hysterical… 

Amazon wades into Apple stronghold selling mp3’s

Amazon unveiled its new service today that you can buy DRM-free MP3’s for 89-99 cents a piece! Cheaper than the iTunes store and without copy protection, this service is worth trying and watching. One thing I’ve long been frustrated about… Continue Reading →

A recommended book; help out a blogger!

Tim Challies’ first book will be released in December! The Principle of Discernment is going to be a wonderful addition to any Christian leader’s bookshelf, and I believe will be an important must-read for the general Christian public as well…. Continue Reading →

A blog that caught my eye

I first read The Short Fat Kid’s commentary on the Getting Sh-t Done method of productivity. I don’t know why that caught my eye, but perhaps it’s because I need to get st-ff done. As I linked over to utilware’s… Continue Reading →

Don’t email or blog angrily

Michael Hyatt, grand poobah of Christian publishing giant Thomas Nelson, has a must-read article for all bloggers about thinking twice before you blog or email when you’re angry. I think it applies to a lot of misguided communication in our… Continue Reading →

Why I gave up consuming “The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga”

The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga by Edward Rutherfurd It’s really good, but slow and also ponderous. The characters just weren’t compelling, and the same characters aren’t continued throughout the book, as it’s divided into historical segments. I just… Continue Reading →

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