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Day October 1, 2007

Apple’s slippery slope

This may come as a shock to many of you who know me. I think Apple has, so far, royally screwed up in relationship to its iPhone stance. I’ve been using Macs for a loong time – since 1988, and… Continue Reading →

Shane and Shane’s website

OK, I know this isn’t a church website, but I’m going to stretch the series a bit and include it because it is a ministry website. It may be one of the more innovate sites I’ve seen lately. I found… Continue Reading →

Dever’s forthcoming book

Mark Dever is a dynamic expository and biblically-saturated preacher. He pastors at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, which Carolyn and I visited on our trip to D.C. earlier this year. He has written a book called What is a Healthy Church?… Continue Reading →

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