imagesAt the beginning of 2008, I never dreamed…

  • I would walk the streets of Krakow, Poland.
  • See Auschwitz.
  • Baptize Taylor James.
  • Preach in a Polish Baptist church.
  • Get published in a book for childrens charity.
  • Attend the Arkansas Baptist State Convention voluntarily.
  • I’d own a flat screen TV.
  • Carolyn would be diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • My family would receive sooo much love and prayer support.
  • Journey would gain so many new families and friends.
  • Journey would also lose a few more folks.
  • I’d reconnect with Tim Smith at Exponential in Orlando.
  • Olympics in China!?
  • Attend another Passion event in Dallas with Carolyn – and have to stay in the hotel with the flu.
  • Help develop an informal church planters network in Arkansas
  • See Sam go to his first week-long kids camp – by himself
  • Teach a seminar on using the internet for godly influence at Glorieta, NM
  • Watch Adelyn place first in just about every race she swam in.
  • See the UAM BCM building begin construction!
  • Attend the last worship service for the BCM in their old building (built in 1954).
  • Meet Ed Stetzer.
  • Become a Twaddict.
  • Get beat in the first round of the fantasy football playoffs.
  • Shop unsuccessfully for a Kia Rondo.
  • Get a moped stolen from me and have money provided to purchase a new one.
  • Fall more in love with my wife than ever.
  • Resurrect the old joke about seeing the fortune teller (don’t ask; you have to present to fall for it.)
  • See gas go over $4 and under $1.50 in one year. That’s retarded.
  • Be prayed for consistently and dramatically and intensely by so many folks from all over the world. (That’s a blog post forthcoming in and of itself.)
  • Witness “The Catch” in Superbowl 2008.
  • Have some strong aversion to words like bailout, change, and pork.
  • See such radical change in national leadership and history made at the same time.
  • Live in our house without power for five days due to a hurricane
  • Watch Carolyn get her own iPhone and become one of those users she used to lash out at.
  • Witness a near-worship service on one of the last shows of American Idol ’08.
  • Get to play in foot-deep snow in the middle of March in Arkansas!
  • Find a new home for Fancy the chihuahua, get a new dog… have a cat run over… and get a kitten for Christmas… whew. Pet Replacement Year.
  • Learn so much about Christ, life and intimacy with God through hardship.
  • Preach in Newark, Arkansas.
  • See dozens of college students coming to our church.
  • Marry one of my former students… (I was the officiating pastor… I’m not from Texas…)
  • Admit that PCs are better than Macs… then I woke up in a cold sweat. What a nightmare.

What did you see happen that surprised you? Blog about it and leave a comment and a link!

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