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Month March 2008

New look for Notes

I’ve switched to a new WordPress theme called Wp-Poloroid by Adii after much tweaking. I think I’m going to really enjoy using it for the next several months. I loved the Grid-Focus theme I was using by Derek Punsalan, but like all designers, I was ready… Continue Reading → – one stop updating for all services

I am completely sold on I’ve been using it for the past three days, and have had no issues with it at all. It does exactly what it says. With one entry, I can update ALL of the following… Continue Reading →


It’s going to be the big net buzzword of 2008, I predict. Lifestream. Ooooooo. Say it again. “Lifestream.” Sends chills down your mouse, doesn’t it? Let me describe this for you if the concept isn’t familiar to you. In today’s… Continue Reading →

The joy of collegiate ministry

Speaking Wednesday night at UAM’s Baptist Collegiate Ministry was the second week in a row that I’ve had the joy and privilege of sharing in front of college students. Last week, I spoke on a panel with several friends I… Continue Reading →

Apple and video gaming

I said when the Mac Mini’s were first introduced that Apple should convert the Mini to being a video gaming system. The power, portability and form factor were stunning and had wonderful potential for that. We never saw it come… Continue Reading →

Harmony Church in Greenville, NC

Harmony Church in Greenville, North Carolina has a clean, simple and nicely-designed church website. As a recent church start (within the last three years), it lists the following as their core values: The Good News – Jesus came for us,… Continue Reading →

It’s snowing… again!

It snowed for about 30 minutes last earlier this week, but nothing stuck. Northern and central Arkansas got all the good stuff. However, weather reports for us today say that we may get 1-3 inches of the white stuff! Schools… Continue Reading →

iPhone SDK event and implications

In the concluding remarks of Apple’s SDK event/announcement today for the iPhone, venture capitalist John Doerr introduced Steve Jobs as “supreme commander of the rebels”. Doerr will be providing funding for new startup companies who wish to develop for the… Continue Reading →

New do

By now, most folks around here have seen the result of my last hair cut. Usually, when people ask if I got a haircut, I say, “No, I got them all cut.” However, this past experience was a dramatic testimony… Continue Reading →

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