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Month April 2008

A refreshing stop: The Coffee Bean

If you’re from LA (Lower Arkansas) and haven’t yet discovered the brown goodness brewing at the Coffee Bean, I want to urge you to make it a regular visit. Although a cup of the good stuff (like a flavored frappucino)… Continue Reading →

Life Principles for Following Christ

I’ve been using this book for a while now in my personal devotional time, and I have to recommend it to anyone who is looking to “jump start” their Bible study. If you don’t have a plan or are in-between… Continue Reading →

What one does at the airport with no one to pick them up

One blogs. And sighs. And takes pictures with his MacBook. Thank goodness for Ben at the ABSC who is coming to pick me up, eat lunch and drive me to Pine Bluff where wifey (in early stages of mental confusion)… Continue Reading →

Wednesday: Exponential: Patrick

I went to Darrin Patrick’s seminar on leadership this morning, and I enjoyed how he related all his points back to scripture in 1-2 Timothy. Coincidentally, Darrin is pastor of “The Journey” in St. Louis. He spoke about three areas… Continue Reading →

Wednesday: Exponential: Hirsch

Wednesday at Exponential was both affirming and exhausting. I ended up leaving the conference before the final speaker simply because I was on head and heart overload. The day for me began in the main session with Alan Hirsch. Alan… Continue Reading →

Tuesday at Exponential

I was incredibly encouraged today. That was after about 40 minutes of discouragement in the first plenary session of Exponential. Ed Stetzer began the conference’s first main session, and his “presentation” consisted of statistics and research. Terrible way to begin a… Continue Reading →

Exponential Day 1

I arrived in Orlando yesterday and had to rent a car. This was unplanned, but after discovering that a one-way trip from the airport was $55, I realized that I’d spend more on taxis than I would on car rental,… Continue Reading →

Off to Orlando

I’ll be flying out for Orlando Monday morning to attend the Exponential Conference. I’ve been planning and hoping to get to go for over a year, and even though the money is not quite there, I made the decision a… Continue Reading →

My solitary place

This is my solitary place. Where is yours? Matthew 14:13 When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitaryplace. Hearing of this, the crowds followed him on foot from the towns. Matthew 14:12-14  (in Context) Mark 1:35… Continue Reading →

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