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Month April 2008

Coises, another tag

Well… let me dust off my feminine side and respond to being tagged by Brittany and Mandy, all in the same day. Fortunately for me (and all of you who detest these memes), it was the same tag, so you… Continue Reading →

Blogging from jott….

Blogging from jott. It’s a pretty cool feature to be able to call a toll free number, say a few words and have it neatly show up in your WordPress blog, I encourage everyone to swing by Have a… Continue Reading →

Coffee press for a perfect evening

I don’t know how many of you have discovered the delight of a coffee press. I’ve been through three now. Mainly because I broke one and had to reorder it. (No, it’s not a Donald coffee press… But that does… Continue Reading →

On living biblically

I have been taking a slow stroll through A.J. Jacob’s The Year of Living Biblically. Adelyn bought it for me for Christmas. She picked it out herself. There’s a picture of Jacobs on the front cover looking scarily like Charlton… Continue Reading →

Jesus takes the wheel of American Idol

For those of you who didn’t watch last night’s American Idol, you missed a profound shift in the cultural understanding of the power of faith in God. Throughout its insanely dominating reign over the airwaves, AI has had contestants verbalize… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Getting Things Done

I’d heard so much over the past year about GTD this and GTD that. I had no idea what folks were talking about until Richard Poole began blogging about his desire for personal organization and how using the “Getting Things… Continue Reading →

U.S. has slowest “high speed” internet?

Watch this 8 minute video featuring Walt Mossberg as he discusses before a panel in Finland the necessary steps for the digital revolution to take the next step in the United States. He points out that the U.S. has the… Continue Reading →

What’s your homepage?

Top ‘o the week t’ya! I’m curious this morning… what do you have set for your homepage when your browser comes up? Here’s mine:

Mourning duck damage

I just can’t believe it. Twice in one week, I have inadvertently broken two priceless family heirlooms (no wise cracks there, please). The first accident came Wednesday evening as I was putting clean coffee mugs back into the cabinet after… Continue Reading →

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