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Month July 2008

The importance of referring blog entries

Many of you have noticed the icon to the right at the bottom of all my posts. It’s a referral tool, and there are dozens of them out there. When you click on the button, it gives you an option to… Continue Reading →

Stolen scooters and loss of security

The unthinkable and ridiculous happened this past Saturday night – Sunday morning. Another scooter was stolen from our carport.  Yup. This time, it was Sam’s electric scooter that he had received for Christmas. Adelyn’s identical pink scooter was parked right… Continue Reading →

Audio: How Important is Church Membership?

This is the audio of John Piper’s sermon from July 13, 2008. Piper examines the importance and biblical foundation of church membership. His points are powerful refutes of the “I don’t need to belong to a local church” attitude that… Continue Reading →

Global warming not man-made

Poor Al Gore. What cause will he have to resort to for publicity and limelight if hanging chads and global warming are no longer in vogue? I have always had a niggling doubt in the back of my mind about… Continue Reading →

Getting serious about blogging, 2

As I was saying in the last post, Hugh Hewitt’s book Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation was a challenge and provocation for me. The more I reflected on it after reading it, the more I realized that in many ways my blog was,… Continue Reading →

Review: The Great Divorce (rated 4 stars)

The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis   I was reading this short book by C.S. Lewis at a swim meet a week ago. Imagine my surprise when I was approached by three different people who had read it and… Continue Reading →

iPhone 2.0 officially jailbroken

With a nice little message of “Thanks for waiting,” the iPhone Dev Team posted the new tool that will unlock, jailbreak and activate iPhone firmware 2.0 this afternoon! The website provided this handy-dandy overview to know what you’re getting… Continue Reading →

Getting serious about blogging

I’ve been reading Hugh Hewitt’s book called Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation. Published in 2004, it’s already old when it comes to naming the most popular blogs and opinion influencers. However, as for understanding the foundation and background of blogging… Continue Reading →

Review: Swurl

Wow. I think I’m more impressed with Swurl than MobileMe right now. Of course, they’re totally unrelated, but Swurl “just works” whereas MobileMe has stumbled out of the gate and almost had me cussing this evening. I myself stumbled over… Continue Reading →

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