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Month November 2008

Biopsy results…

Carolyn got a call from the doctor’s office this afternoon to give us the results of the biopsy from Friday. He said, “I’ve got bad news…” Of course, no one wants to hear that after a biopsy. Then he related… Continue Reading →

Renewal Gathering at Journey

What I’ll be doing the next 2-3 evenings…

You still worried about election results?

The Most Important Issues In the 2008 Election Thanks to Kelly Rogers for posting this on her Facebook page.

You’re invited

Thanks to AJ for the design!

Health update and uncertainty

This Monday Carolyn went in for her checkup. About twice a year, she gets a CT scan because she’s a three-time cancer survivor. By God’s grace, she has been delivered from Hodgkin’s Disease three different times during our relationship –… Continue Reading →

Change in America = Change in the Church

One thing that no one can deny any longer. It isn’t 1950 any longer. America is not like 95% of our churches. At the massive Obama celebration party in Chicago last night, it was a multi-ethnic, multi-socioeconomic, and multi-cultural blend… Continue Reading →

Praying for our new President

Ed Stetzer wrote an entry yesterday that I thought shared the appropriate spirit and tone for all of us who call upon Christ as Messiah and Redeemer – whether Red State or Blue State – in this significant political redirection for… Continue Reading →

I am saying no to Obama on Tuesday

I think Shane Vanderhart has an excellent post describing his reasons for voting for McCain. I encourage you to read it. Most of his reasons mirror my own. You can also review my Tumblog for some recent links and items… Continue Reading →

Another week, another rummage

The past two days have been a swirl of activity around the Noble household – well, actually all week. We’re exhausted. Carolyn has taken dance and gymnastic pictures every day this week as well as working her new daily job… Continue Reading →

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