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Month January 2009

Chemo hero

Carolyn began her chemo yesterday at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. The tenth floor hasn’t changed very much from our last go-round there. You walk into what used to be a dual-occupancy room, and there are three nice easy-chairs there…. Continue Reading →

Evangelism Conference 09

I attended the Arkansas Baptist Evangelism Conference today at First Baptist Sherwood. I came with the great expectation of visiting with and listening to an old friend from OBU days. Wes Hamilton, now the teaching pastor at Lake Pointe Church… Continue Reading →

Review: AddressBookSync

Sometime ago I wrote about Facebooksync for the Mac which will make sure your friends’ contact information and profile pics are synced with the Mac Address Book. It’s been very buggy of late, and in searching for a fix or… Continue Reading →

Brief grief

Let me throw out this thought and then back it up: What we do in times of grief says more about who we really are than what we do in times of peace. In Matthew 14.14, we are told that… Continue Reading →

A little closure…

Yesterday, we received news that sent my invalid wife into ecstatic outbursts of “Ya’ll jump and down for me!” The surgical biopsy that was done on Friday revealed NO sign of lymphoma or Hodgkin’s. We are so very grateful and… Continue Reading →

Building vs. Planting, Part 6

It’s been a while since I addressed the issue of whether churches should build more facilities or plant new churches. The trend in established churches is unfortunately, an unquestioned embrace that “bigger is better.” However, as I’ve said in previous… Continue Reading →

Surgery today

This should be the last time Carolyn gets cut during this go-round. She has surgery today at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. As I related in other posts, the doctor wasn’t satisfied with the negative results of the needle biopsies… Continue Reading →

The chemo word

We had an appointment with the oncologist today. Dr. Larry Mendohlsohn has been Carolyn’s doctor since 1992 when she first started battling Hodgkin’s. He is an incredible, wise, Christ-follower who just happens to be one of the leading oncologists in… Continue Reading →

A love relationship with God

I don’t think I’ve ever done this before. I’m posting the audio to a message I preached this morning at Journey. We’re using the month of January to teach through our vision statement: “To lead people into a love relationship… Continue Reading →

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