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Month February 2009

Wifey’s photoblog…

Carolyn started a photo blog a few days ago that she’s been very consistent in updating. This comes after her initial attempt at being a blogger ended with a whimper. She just hated feeling like she had to write something…. Continue Reading →

Google Sync for Mac may trump MobileMe

Ever since Mobile Me’s inception, there have been significant burps and hiccups of Apple’s revolutionary syncing service. When it works, it’s beautiful. When it doesn’t, it’s a bear. My experience over the past year has included more bear than beauty…. Continue Reading →

Another reason I enjoy blogging…

I’ll admit that I track my blog’s statistics regularly. I enjoy seeing where folks are coming from, and what they consistently read. Particularly, I tend to check the “exit page” which is the last click before they exit my blog…. Continue Reading →

There’s a new cereal in town… and lose 6 pounds

I just know there’s going to a mad cereal rush at the Supercenter after all five of you read this post. I have discovered a new cereal that may just compete with my Strawberry-Vanilla Wheat Square Extraodinaire. Actually, I was informed… Continue Reading →

Joyful Submission Series

We began a 4-part series at Journey this past Sunday on biblical authority. It’s called “Joyful Submission: Losing Control Without Losing Your Soul.” You can read more about the different topics and areas of life we’ll be applying submission to… Continue Reading →

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