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Month March 2009

Review: The Jesus I Never Knew (rated 4 stars)

Jesus I Never Knew, The by Phillip Yancy   Except for a couple of pages at the back of the book, I thoroughly enjoyed Yancey’s book that seeks to bring Jesus “down to earth” -again. He does not attempt to… Continue Reading →

Volcano Fund started

We were so excited! We made it to the airport this time… But as we turned in the rental car, the helpful Enterprise folks said, “Uh, I think they just canceled all flights out today…” Sure enough, while I was… Continue Reading →

Time lapse volcano eruption

This is a pretty awesome video from the Ground Truth Trekking blog that shows a time lapse video of Redoubt’s eruptions: Redoubt Eruption March 27 2009 from Bretwood Higman on Vimeo.

Bathroom remodel and flight update

So which do you want first? Aaaahhh. The bathroom remodel is going well this afternoon. Just in case we have to live here for 3-4 months, Mike decided to add another bathroom downstairs. That way, two families won’t be sharing… Continue Reading →

Volcano eruption cancels flights

Alaska went from beautiful to bizarre on Thursday. We were supposed to fly out Thursday night, so Mike went back to work to begin some return to normalcy and routine. But at 9:24 a.m. Alaska Time (12:24 p.m. CST), Redoubt… Continue Reading →

Of radio, painting and snowmen

We’ve been in Alaska since last Thursday night, and it’s amazing what we’ve been able to cram into a week, thanks to the ever-tireless efforts and prodding of a pregnant Kristy. She’s got more energy than we do! You should… Continue Reading →


  I tweeted yesterday that we were heading to Alyeska to watch the kids and Carolyn ski. I received great abuse on Facebook and Twitter about not going skiing myself. Here’s the rub… I tried the skiiing thing 10+ years… Continue Reading →

An ordinary day

Monday was a relief. We did relatively nothing. No long road trips. No snow machine excursions. No polar bear plunge. (I keep seeing this glint in Mike’s eye, and so I’ve been wary outside when I’m around him.) No sledding…. Continue Reading →

Facebook 2009 like MySpace 2006

Here’s the text of a recent comment I left on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg’s fan page: Facebook is getting as busy as MySpace was when I left the latter for that reason three years ago. PLEASE remove all the junk… Continue Reading →

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