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Month March 2009

Never a dull moment on Sunday

Sunday in Alaska. By the time we were dragging ourselves out of bed from happy exhaustion from sledding the day before, our friends and church in Monticello were already beginning worship. We went to Mike and Kristy’s church, Wasilla Bible… Continue Reading →

Fun faith

It’s been a weekend of white wonder. I’ve never sledded quite like I did yesterday at Hatchers Pass. Nor have I have driven a snow mobile/machine until today. Both experiences left my family and the Hales in high states of… Continue Reading →

Sledding adventure

We went up to Hatchers Pass today to sled. More on that later. But here’s a video of me sledding down…

A 5M day

Waking up in Alaska for the first time after waking up in Arkansas for years is a stunning experience of contrasts. Breathtaking views of mountains shrouded in snow replace forest-obscured views of the landscape. The Christmas song that alliterates “walking… Continue Reading →

A day of travel

We left from Little Rock yesterday around 11 a.m., and we arrived in Anchorage last night around 11:00 p.m. (our time, 8:00 a.m. AK time). Our layovers were about an hour in both places, Memphis and Minneapolis. However, the travel… Continue Reading →

Alaska bound!

The entire Noble brood flies out of Little Rock International Airport tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. to spend a week with Mike and Kristy Hales in Wasilla, Alaska. We have instructed them to schedule a lunch with Sarah Palin over the… Continue Reading →

March Mission

This month, our church has three members heading to Poland to work with the Krakow Tigers in sports ministry. We’re excited for Jeremy, Clark and Michael. If you are able to help support their trip, please do so by using… Continue Reading →

New Blog Design

I worked much of Saturday implementing a new blog design. I’d be very interested in knowing what you think about it. While I love the look of it, I am more interested if it’s readable, easy to navigage, and how… Continue Reading →

Our Story: Miracles

Now where were we in this epic saga? Oh yeah… However, in the midst of incredible activity, ministry and delight, our life was turned upside down again. You see, not every “upside down” moment is bad, thank goodness. Between 1997-1999,… Continue Reading →

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