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Month April 2009

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 3

No Transition to Adulthood You would think that our churches would embrace their youth as their key strategy to impact the world of tomorrow for Christ. It would also ensure that they have a church of tomorrow. However, in the… Continue Reading →

Comparing local cable to DSL

I feel for those of you who are still on dial up internet. I do miss the quaint sound of a 56K modem, however. I told someone the other day that I want that for me ringtone. We’ve been on… Continue Reading →

Rectal 2009

This was my fourth year to film Kim’s Dance Factory’s annual recital. I began doing it as part of my business, Noble Design, and it’s grown into an annual ordeal. While I have since backed off doing the elaborate editing… Continue Reading →

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 2

Segregation of Youth Groups Our churches have ensured their own demise by segregating their youth into “youth groups”, entertaining these same youth for 6 years (instead of challenging them in daily discipleship), and then, as if to put the nail… Continue Reading →

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 1

I served as a collegiate minister on the campus of the University of Arkansas at Monticello for 8 years. They were precious years of enduring ministry. Both of our kids were born during that time, and I’m convinced that there… Continue Reading →

Sending Blossoms to Poland

If it was real flowers I were talking about, I think they’d wilt before they got there. However, I’m talking about the University of Arkansas at Monticello girls softball team. They’re the Cotton Blossoms! They’re pretty darn good this year… Continue Reading →

Say hello to (again)

I’ve written about before. It’s a wonderful service whose main competitor is Another noteworthy alternative is (especially since they have a nice iPhone app). All these services provide you the ability to update your “statusphere” (multiple online… Continue Reading →

My sin, not in part, but the whole

Sundown Friday. In years long before my own ancestry can be traced, a man’s body was removed from rough wooden poles before dusk. For religious reasons, the body must be buried before dark. He was dead, certainly. A staggeringly unusual… Continue Reading →

10 Things I learned in Alaska

We’ve had several days home now after our incredible trip to Alaska. I’ve processed a lot about our trip, and I know that our time spent with our friends there will continue to be used by God to teach us… Continue Reading →

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