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NCourage and smallness

It’s a little awkward to write a blog entry like this lest it be taken as a cry for affirmation from my own church members. That is not the intention. However, I will not refuse any encouragement directed my way…. Continue Reading →

Streamy is dreamy

Most of you know I’m an early adopter. Heck, I’m not just early, but I’m there in the delivery room, cheering on the birth of new techs, eager to cut the umbilical cord. (This is figurative because after my last… Continue Reading →

Burned up or burned out?

I was looking through my writing folder on my computer where I keep ideas for blog entries or articles and came across one titled “Goals after death.” “What in the world possessed me to write such a thing?” I wondered…. Continue Reading →

Highlights from UAM BCM 2001

Here’s the year-end video/Powerpoint from the 2000-2001 school year. UAM BCM Year End Video 2001 from Jeff Noble on Vimeo.

Congratulations, Kris: a missed opportunity?

Kris Allen was named the 2009 American Idol winner tonight on Fox. Every female at our watch party went into immediate hysterics. The men’s responses (mine, Jeff Longing, Karl, and Taylor) were, of course, manly and subdued. Yet, we were… Continue Reading →

Where Collegiate Ministry Begins, Part 5

Disappearance of Testimonies It’s hard to do collegiate ministry these days when the college students we’re attempting to minister with and to have never heard from anyone what it means to follow Jesus personally. Oh sure, they’ve heard tons of… Continue Reading →

Book Review: “Uncompromised Faith”

It’s rare that I discover two really great books back to back (or cover to cover). However, that’s been the case with my last two reads. Tim Challies’ The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment was a powerful challenge to the 21st… Continue Reading →

My new favorite Sonic commercial

I didn’t know the Sonic guys could speak French… French Sonic Commercial from Jeff Noble on Vimeo.

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