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Month June 2009

Arrival in Poland

We are here! After many months of fundraising, prayer, communication and planning, our Poland sports mission team arrived in Krakow this afternoon. We had a looooong, fun, exhausting, movie-filled plane ride of a trip.  The main development of the trip… Continue Reading →

Review: essential church?

Essential Church?: Reclaiming a Generation of Dropouts by Thom S. Rainer The Rainer father and son authorial team – Thom and Sam – have shot the latest signal flare to urge, warn and compel the church to reach young people… Continue Reading →

Yard sale of the week

Over last weekend, we started hauling junk and treasures out to our driveway and carport. All week long, we’ve continued to add items daily as we clean rooms, attics, and closets in our house. It’s been quite the adventure. Here… Continue Reading →

Increasing gratitude

I will not get melancholy. I will not get melancholy… When a friend told us, “Don’t plan anything for the night of June 21,” we knew something was up. We just didn’t know what. Then came the announcement in… Continue Reading →

Countrified city boy

The following was for an assignment at Ouachita Baptist University during 1990. I wrote it about my experience during the summer of 1988 at Hamburg, Arkansas. It was then that I got to live with my dad’s parents for the… Continue Reading →

If you’re looking for an all-in-one social media browser that combines the two most popular services – Facebook and Twitter, you may have finally found a great solution. Better than Tweetdeck. More full featured than Streamy. At home on whatever computer you choose… PeopleBrowsr.

Wii Fit and a pregnancy test

That’s how you could sum up my Monday. Adelyn got some money for good grades, and when she combined it with what she’d been saving, the next thing you know, we are the astonished owners of the technological fitness craze… Continue Reading →

Hammer pants

OK, just for insanity and your viewing pleasure on this Monday morning… For what it’s worth, I think this would be a great thing for a welcoming committee at a church to do in the foyer once a month or… Continue Reading →

Box attack

Adelyn and one her friends spend an afternoon with an empty box… Box Mystery from Jeff Noble on Vimeo.

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