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Month October 2009

Review: The Toyota Way (rated 2 stars)

The Toyota Way Field Book by Jeffrey Liker It’s not that I didn’t like The Toyota Way. On the contrary, the principles behind the Toyota Company’s process and philosophy are dynamic. This book, however, is drier than Corn Flakes. I… Continue Reading →

NRVHub to give $500 to local church

A new local news site – The NRVHub – is sponsoring a great competition. The local church that registers 100 users for their site by October 31 will receive $500! I’d like to humbly ask you to consider registering to… Continue Reading →


Ok… so I can’t come up with something special and fru-fru like “Gladituesday.” Amy is one of our favorite friends from OBU, and she’s surpassed my blog in Carolyn’s Safari bookmarks. Although she blogs about estrogenized topics a lot, I… Continue Reading →

Catalyst Review: The Best Of…

Rather than regurgitating my own notes from some of the other speakers at Catalyst, here are some links to their talks that have already been written about on other blogs. Just click on the image for the link. Andy also… Continue Reading →

Catalyst Review: Chuck Swindoll

One of the highlights of Catalyst for me was Chuck Swindoll’s message on Friday. I have been an appreciate follower of his as a pastor, author, leader at Dallas Theological Seminary and speaker on his radio show Insight for Living…. Continue Reading →

Catalyst reflections

I returned from Catalyst 2009 late Friday-early Saturday with my church staff, and I wanted to post some quick reflections on the experience. I’ve been wanting to attend for 9 years, and finally made it this year to celebrate its… Continue Reading →

Quick vids from Thursday Catalyst

We had a fantastic day at Catalyst today, and I post it thoughts about it later. For now, here’s some video I shot from my iPhone, and if you want to see more, check out the media page at Cat09.

The Eve of Catalyst

The Catalyst Conference is 10 years old this year. I’ve wanted to go each year since it was started, but this will be my first year. I’m grateful to be able to join the Northstar Church staff on this excursion… Continue Reading →

An Inglorious Testimony

In my line of “work,” I get to hear incredible stories of how people found God… or where they were when they realized God was looking for them. In Christian circles, we call this our “testimony.” Basically, it’s our Jesus-story…. Continue Reading →

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