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Month June 2010

A Strategic Look at the Faith of France’s Youth

This is the third part in a continuing series on the Youth of Western Europe, with a focus on France. See below for links to the first two parts of this series. The political animosity of France seems not only… Continue Reading →

What’s at stake

In this continuing series, we’ve been looking at the issue of leaving your church. With the advent of the popular, mall-like “megachurch” of the 1980s, the American culture has seen the continuing growth and rise of large, trendy churches seeking… Continue Reading →

The Blacksburg schools pickle

If you haven’t been following the drama, tension and amazing craziness that has resulted from the collapse of the Blacksburg High School gym earlier this year, it’s a good time to jump in. It’s about to take some strange plot… Continue Reading →

The Youth of Western Europe: Historical Background to a Lost Faith

This is the second part of a series that is focusing on the youth of western Europe. The series is subtitled Ignorant Heirs of a Reformation and focuses on the youth of France. HISTORICAL Known for its rich history and… Continue Reading →

The Youth of Western Europe: Ignorant Heirs of the Reformation

The following is a series that was formerly created as a paper for the Perspectives class. I went through training to be a coordinator for this excellent, missions-intensive seminar, and we were required to write a paper upon completion. I… Continue Reading →


Within the last week, we’ve sold our 2002 Toyota Sequoia, and we’ve bought a 2001 Toyota Prius. We are decelerating in our desire to save on gas and have no car payments. It’s become pretty apparent in the last months… Continue Reading →

iNeed iNsight about iPhone vs iPad

We’re almost ready to pull the trigger on an iPad at our house. Carolyn and I are going to “share” one as our 18th anniversary present. But we’re selling stuff first. Here’s where we need help… With the new data… Continue Reading →

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