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Month January 2011

Sugar Bowl blues

You might recall that friends and family helped send me and our worship leader to the Sugar Bowl. A Hog fan and a Buckeye fan traded barbs for just under a month. On Christmas day, Sam also was delighted to find that he had a ticket and was bowl bound. It was our first BCS bowl game.

Review: The Dumbest Generation


Ala Carte: Power-napping, The Rock-Scarred Hand, Sugar Bowl bound,

Power-napping After church Sunday, Carolyn and I gratefully shifted back into our Sunday afternoon routine of power-napping. Some define a power nap as “a short sleep which terminates before the occurrence of deep sleep or slow-wave sleep (SWS), intended to… Continue Reading →

New Year’s Eve blogging reflections

New Year’s Eve. We’ve been there before. Done that. After a fun early evening with friends, we’re back at Noble World HQ, with the TV and housepants on. Daughter and wifey are on the couch watching old episodes of Monk… Continue Reading →

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