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Month February 2011

Building vs. Planting, Part 7 or Killing turfism by loving the lawn

Church planting may actually be one of the primary tools that we can use to kill the sinful selfish desire for achievement, recognition, or status. The quote above was how I ended the last entry in this series of whether… Continue Reading →

The Pen

I have this thing with pens. I use them. A lot. Since I’m a journaller, I typically have 1-2 favorite pens that I only use for that. It’s not unusual for me to actually run out of ink with one… Continue Reading →

Productivity and ToDo app addiction

I confess. I’m always on the lookout for the best task management apps. I’ve tried almost all of them. Things. Omnifocus. All the ones with “ToDo” or “Tasks” in the name. Even one that promised to be just “awesome” called… Continue Reading →

You’re killing your brain; stop multi-tasking

It’s become the way I work. Multiple windows open on my desktop. My cell phone honks (that’s my current text alert ringtone), and I immediately glance down to see what the text is. Echofon on my desktop “growls” to show… Continue Reading →

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