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Month August 2011

A La Carte: A month without email, sin and social media, facts about first-time churchies and more

A La Carte is a regular entry that just collects tidbits I’ve saved over the past week from around the net. Here we go: A month without email MG Siegler at Techcrunch recently went without email for a month, and… Continue Reading →

Back to School Guest Bloggers Week!

This week in Blacksburg has been welcome chaos. Students are back. According to one source, the New River Valley will see the addition of over 8000 new VT students alone, and eventually Virginia Tech will host about 30,000 undergrads, post… Continue Reading →

Brown & Green

Making the radio

The family gathered around the laptop tonight to listen to Carolyn’s cousin, Mike Graham, sing. Mike is a Texas Country musician and songwriter. He’s incredibly talented. He was featured with 2-3 other musicians on The Ranch 99.5. Here’s a selection… Continue Reading →

Doing it West Texas

  “Our Texas chauffeur” From Summer 2011 We’ve had a blast in San Angelo the past few days. Yes, it’s been over 100 each day. But with no humidity to speak of, you can sit in the shade with iced… Continue Reading →

Crashing Windows

Windows. As an operating system, I’ve enjoyed jokes at users’ expense since 1988 – the year I became a computer user, and a Mac Plus was the happy recipient of my digital affection. However, the crashing windows I’m dealing with… Continue Reading →

Things Mattie said

Our five year-old niece is visiting us for a few days. She’s from El Paso, and she is quite loquacious (i.e, my ears are losing weight because of the workout they’re getting). However, she’s pretty entertaining and fun, and I… Continue Reading →

A la carte: Office influence, Teams and leadership, the Dalai Lama, animated gifs, and global warming alarmism

Here’s my not-so-weekly roundup of interesting posts, tidbits and news.   Office Influence Phil Cooke shares the following points about how to avoid having your voice ignored in your office/work environment. Many of them apply directly to any social group… Continue Reading →

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