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Month September 2011

Networking and humility

Yesterday, I had the joy of being a part of a meeting with pastors from around the region who are interested in planting new churches. It’s hard to quash enthusiasm when the compelling vision is sharing the soul-quenching news of… Continue Reading →

Feeling sick, Mike?

So I went to see Contagion last night with a friend. It scared him pretty good because apparently, he’s a little funny about germs and such. After the movie, he claimed he had a sore throat… I thought he was… Continue Reading →

A la carte: Preachers leaving, more beer, divorce & remarriage

Preachers leaving lately Ed Stetzer wrote an article Should “Broader Interests” Preclude Preaching? It’s in response to Rob Bell’s announced departure from his Mars Hill Church. Bell started the church about 12 years ago and was the center of controversy… Continue Reading →


In Facebook… sigh and bye, I shared with you my rationale for reducing my Facebook account from a busy stream to a business card. Here are some thoughts I’ve had about how Facebook could have managed its transitions better: Give… Continue Reading →

Facebook… sigh and bye

Last May, Christian author and head of Lifeway Research Ed Stetzer deleted his personal Facebook account. (Read his entry here.) It was in response to Facebook’s seemingly intentional thumbed-nose to its users’ desires for privacy. I was also frustrated with Facebook’s… Continue Reading →

Will the missional church fail?

Mike Breen, one of the leaders of 3DM, has a compelling article titled Why the Missional Movement Will Fail. In it, Breen explains that the reason is that emphasizes doing over being, mission over discipleship. I don’t know if it’s… Continue Reading →

The wrapping pastor

After attending the the Sending Church conference near Nashville, I found this upon my return to Blacksburg:

Wrong worship

Jeremy Hart called my attention to this video. It’s a humorous look at self-centered worship – at least at first. By the end of the video, I was grimacing, because I fear that too often my own worship is remarkably… Continue Reading →

Favorite professor: Dr. Bill Downs

Yesterday we were supposed to write about our favorite professor in this year’s OBU BlogAbout. In last year’s post called “Ode to OBU,” I said: After my freshman year, I changed my major from a pre-med focus to communications and… Continue Reading →

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