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Month September 2011

Football throwdown

After the basketball showdown, Sam and I also went head to head throwing footballs at a deer target (nice touch of Blacksburg and Arkansas in one game). Here’s the results…

Basketball showdown

Sam and I went out and played basketball for a while Saturday afternoon, and after several games of 21 and horse, we finally resorted to trick shots. We gave each other 5 attempts each. Here are the results…

Happy 125th, OBU!

I’m always one of the last to find out stuff like this. But not this time. I ended up muting @Ouachita’s Twitter feed yesterday because they were retweeting faster than Walt used to recycle shepherd’s pie. My alma mater is… Continue Reading →

Preachers liking liquor

It’s been somewhat hip in the past decade for some Christian leaders to advocate alcohol use in moderation. I’m not a fan. I guess I’m a teetotaler. It’s not because I fear it. It’s a wisdom and Christian liberty issue… Continue Reading →

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