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Year 2011

An interview with VT QB Logan Thomas

Our church’s college ministry hosts regular gatherings called Refresh for the express purpose of giving collegians an opportunity to draw aside from hectic schedules and simply enjoy life. On November 7, the evening was especially memorable as Virginia Tech quarterback… Continue Reading →

When inaction is odious

We are being inundated this week with the unfolding scandal of Penn State University’s football program and how Joe Paterno and university officials did (or did not) handle revelations of child sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusky. The morally abhorrent news… Continue Reading →

Review: “Radical Together”

David Platt’s Radical Together is a followup to his book Radical and is intended to be a tome for the corporate church rather than for the individual Christian. Platt’s first book was an in-your-face approach intended to slap, sometimes not too… Continue Reading →

Engage in business

This past Sunday, Adam Wilson preached for us at Northstar. Adam is a staffer with Cru at VT, and he has recently come on board as volunteer staff to help us with our discipleship processes. We’ve been in Luke since… Continue Reading →

Guy on a Buffalo

Wow. Sometimes, you’re just amazed at the time people have to waste… and how grateful you are for it. Here’s the first in a series of shorts called Guy on a Buffalo. The scenes are taken from a movie made… Continue Reading →

The Language of God review, continued

Sometime ago I began a review of The Language of God by Francis Collins. I concluded that review with some of the following thoughts: What makes us clearly think we can think clearly? Faith is required because scripture tells us… Continue Reading →


It’s so fun to be in a community with so many creative, fun-loving gospel partners. Check out this video from our local Young Life team. Word, Sloop Doggy Dog!

A big but…

“But I received mercy because I had acted ignorantly in unbelief, and the grace of our Lord overflowed for me with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.” (1 Timothy 1.13) That’s a big “but.” And a beautiful… Continue Reading →

Google mail rant

Rant warning: I do not understand people who use Gmail’s web interface for Gmail. It’s cluttered. It’s confusing. It’s clunky. I can’t ever make it “just work.” Tha’ts four Cs: cluttered, confusing, clunky, and can’t. You can thank me later… Continue Reading →

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