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Month May 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

The Noble family takes few “vacations.” We do get numerous opportunities to get away and spend time with family. We love heading to Hobbs or Carolyn’s family’s lakehouse in San Angelo, TX or to Little Rock or to Monticello. When… Continue Reading →

Entertaining preaching

A powerful quote by John Piper about the tendency to entertain people in preaching is a stern reminder to ministers to recall that truth is more important than trends.

All in good time…

“Someone else always gets there ahead of me.” (John 5:7 NLT) Do you ever feel that way about your life? As you survey a land of instant billionaires (think Instagram), it’s easy to conclude that life favors the “someone else’s.”… Continue Reading →

Redefining marriage

I was sad. I was sad for the perfect cultural storm of the week. I was sad because of how money runs our country and manipulates the thinking of our leaders. I was sad because wisdom is so lacking. I… Continue Reading →

Saying thanks, Dead or Alive

If you read this post, then you’ll understand that I was part of some videos for our 2012 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. The theme was the 80s.

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