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Month August 2012

An easier way?

Beth Moore asks in her Believing God study at one point about the trails and humiliation that she knows God has not only walked her through but led her into: “Couldn’t there have been an easier way?” She responds with:… Continue Reading →

A la Carte: Crumb and Get It, Your Pastor’s Marriage, Tats and Academic Bias against Religion

When referring to a menu, something is a la carte if it is priced and ordered separately from other full menu items. For those of you not familiar, my “a la carte” entries are simply that – unrelated, brief entries… Continue Reading →

Review: When Missions Shapes the Mission

The book is a reality check, but it’s also a practical tool to help begin somewhere. While we have so much change to embrace in order to refocus our churches and members upon the glorious call to take the gospel to all nations, we can begin. There’s great hope, for so many churches each year are “getting it.”

Chik Fil A: A day less

Over the past week, the Chik-Fil-A controversy reached a fever pitch. Fox News Mike Huckabee suggested to his audience that those who like the embroiled chain should support them on Wednesday. In one astonishing day, the restaurant broke all sales… Continue Reading →

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