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Month November 2012

The last straw

I am the main dishwasher in our house. It’s an inherited role. My dad’s dad was a dishwasher, clearing and cleaning up after my grandmother Opal’s delicious meals. My dad was a dishwasher par extraordinaire. Now I carry on the… Continue Reading →

Northstar Church 2012 Homecoming video

Props to Cody Davenport for creating this fantastic highlight video of Northstar Church’s ministry over the past nine years. We were unable to show it outside on Homecoming Sunday due to technical problems, but we showed it the following Sunday…. Continue Reading →

Reflections on the Elections and Reminder of the Debates

Well, as I said in a tweet last night: The Redskins fooled us all. My guy didn’t win. The blogs I read were wrong. But you know what? I have joy. You can too. Mt 22:37 While I hoped that… Continue Reading →

I voted

Four years ago I voted against Barack Obama more than I voted for John McCain. I was concerned about Obama’s lack of experience. However, when he won, I celebrated that America had elected its first African-American President. I prayed for… Continue Reading →

Statism or Conservatism

This for me was the most compelling and dynamic video in this election season. There have been many political ads I’ve shaken my head over in distress, literally astonished and dismayed by their pettiness and banality. I expect more from… Continue Reading →

Cultural progressivism

One of the most enjoyable and thought-provoking research projects I’ve read during the past several weeks has been George Yancey’s What Motivates Cultural Progressives. It’s a four-part series that I’ve linked below: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 The series… Continue Reading →

Review: A Praying Life

When I pray over a problem, that problem begins to sparkle with the energy of God. Strange things happen. I did not just read the book. I chewed and meditated my way through A Praying Life by Paul Miller. Unlike… Continue Reading →

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