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Month January 2013

Slow down there, little January

As I scratched the date into my Moleskine journal with my metal Sharpie pen, I stared down at its glistening ink in disbelief. January 31, 2013? What in the world? My mind raced. Did I actually just live 30 24-hour… Continue Reading →

What do you use for tweeting?

I was pretty bummed today when I learned that the Mac app for Echofon was discontinued last October. I had no idea. I don’t know how I missed it. When I googled to get the scoop, Cult of Mac had… Continue Reading →

Do you violate your own conscience?

Stacy Reed, pastor of First Baptist Church of Fordyce, Arkansas (@rebman10) gave me a copy of Gregory Frizzell’s Returning to Holiness some time ago, and I’ve been reading through it over the past several weeks as a challenge for spiritual… Continue Reading →

What do you do on Sunday mornings before church?

My Sunday morning routine for the past umpteen years is to get up early, head to a coffee pot or a coffee shop, and spend time in prayer and review of my Sunday morning sermon. I suspect many pastors have… Continue Reading →

Why Louie Giglio’s new worship definition lacks air

Passion 2013 has just completed with 60,000 college students who gathered in Atlanta. It’s amazing to see the conference continuing to reach so many college students. Carolyn and I attended the first four Passion events – 1997 and 1998 in… Continue Reading →

Why did I write Super Center Savior?

I grew up in the South, just to left of the buckle of the Bible Belt. My family was faithful to be at church every time the doors were open. Both my parents were active in serving. In college and… Continue Reading →

Mercy Me: You Are I Am

A great song with great lyrics:

Birthday thoughts

45. Really? What happened? I’d like to think that 45 is not quite mid-life. But then I know lots of people kick the bucket before 90. So maybe I’ve already passed my midlife… So where’s my little sports car? Ah… Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 2013

2012 was the year that both our kids surpassed us in height – Sam towers over me now, and Adelyn is taller than Carolyn. Sam actually passed me by a 1/2 inch last Novemberish, but I stood on my tip… Continue Reading →

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