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Month February 2013

Do you believe in goats?

And this makes my day:

Are you cynical?

This blog entry will not make a difference in your life. It’s a waste of your time. Why click? At the very least you’ll skim, utter an obligatory “mmmmm” and then move along to checking your Facebook status. You’ve got… Continue Reading →

Live Where You Love: The New River Valley

This was fun to be a part of!

February book update and observations about the inglorious process of book publication, ego, and supporting creative friends

First of all, I owe thanks to so many for your gracious help and support in getting the word out about Super Center Savior. I have no publicist or agency. It’s just me, my mom and sometimes my wife. I… Continue Reading →

A cure for HIPSTER?

I first saw this over on Michael’s blog:

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