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Month March 2013

Easter expectations

Here’s the challenge. If you blog, Tumble, Facebook, or Twitter… post a short description of “what I expect from Easter this year.” Then please link it in the comments below. Here’s mine: What I expect from Easter this year: Movement…. Continue Reading →

Sunday’s comin’

Review: Is God a Moral Monster? Part 3

This is the third and final review of Paul Copan’s book Is God a Moral Monster? You can find the first two parts here and here. To sum it up, I can easily recommend Copan’s book to you. It’s chock… Continue Reading →

A response to Jen Hatmaker

Having not been invited to speak in large churches in the first place, I figure that I’ve had similar experiences so I could readily identify with her indignation. Her blog entry is a beautifully-written description of the importance of Christians having a loving heart towards all people. She expresses deep concern for how some in the American church have turned off genuine seekers by their arrogance and judgmental attitude.

A pause in preaching provides perspective

Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve preached at Northstar in four weeks. I’ve not been gone – just thrilled that we have so many qualified teachers/preachers in our congregation that we can raise up a “teaching team.” Being able to be there and be… Continue Reading →

Hear and fear

“And the rest shall hear and fear, and shall never again commit any such evil among you.” (Deuteronomy 19:20 ESV) This “hear and fear” principle is repeated in several instances of Moses’ recounting of the law to the Israelites just… Continue Reading →

Yeshua – old and new

While reading in Numbers, I came across the leadership transition from Moses to Joshua in chapter 27. I found the wording and significance of the passage really interesting, knowing how scripture is selectively worded by the Spirit of God. When… Continue Reading →

Review: Is God a Moral Monster? Part 2

Paul Copan’s Is God a Moral Monster? is an outstanding resource for understanding and responsinding to  difficult texts in the Old Testament. In the second part of this ongoing review, I wanted to express some concern about his introduction to… Continue Reading →

Review: Is God a Moral Monster? Part 1

One of our church’s small groups has recently read Paul Copan’s book Is God a Moral Monster? Having not heard of Copan before they requested its use, I researched and was impressed by his approachable, scholarly technique in communicating difficult… Continue Reading →

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