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Month May 2013

Why I’m moving from a smart phone to a dumb phone

Call it a digital life adjustment experiment (DLAE for short). I’ve been mulling over the implications of being constantly accessible, online, responsive and honestly, much of the time, digitally consumed. It’s been weeks of mulling. Today, I pulled the trigger…. Continue Reading →

Review: A Call to the Unconverted

I’ve mentioned before the importance of reading “old dead guys.” Too many Christians today are snacking on trendy preachers when they should be feasting on the proven preachers of history. Some who are popular and entertaining today are demonstrably heretics… Continue Reading →

New episode of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom: Snake Handler

Soooo…. this happened today. Kind of. I was at The Cove, walking back from the chapel when the incident occurred. Imagine my surprise when I turned around and the Marlan and the film crew were ready to shoot. Made things… Continue Reading →

An intro to Jesus Manifesto

I’m pretty pumped about starting Jesus Manifesto by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola. After all, when you’re posting about the introduction… If the church does not reorient and become Christological at its core, any steps taken will be backwards… the… Continue Reading →

The Cove and personal spiritual retreats

I always have to give one person in my life credit for the cherished discipline I’ve implemented over the years of taking a personal spiritual retreat. Here’s what I said in another entry:  I’m grateful to David James, the Arkansas… Continue Reading →

A la carte: Are you doing team leadership wrong?, Interns, and 3 Issues Churches Must Answer

Are you doing team leadership wrong? Phil Cooke offers some strong advice about meetings, teams and decisions on this blog entry: Teams are for brainstorming and execution. Leaders make decisions. Simple as that. What’s happening today is that too many… Continue Reading →

Goodbye (again)

I have a love/hate time with this season of the year in Blacksburg. Even as the weather changes from winter to spring (finally!), it’s also a time of transition for students and families. In May, both undergrads and grad students graduating… Continue Reading →

Liddle Women: Virginia Tech softball, faith and cancer

Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women as two volumes in 1868 and 1869, but the story of the Liddle Women has more enduring power than Alcott’s book. And Liddle Women comes in three volumes: Susan, Courtney and Bailey. I’ve been graced to… Continue Reading →

A la carte: Evernote app ideas for speakers, Chris Broussard

Evernote org for speakers Do you use the Evernote app for speaking? Michael Hyatt has a great entry with ideas for organizing your prep.  His system makes Evernote a database with material you’ve read, thought and seen for easy referreal… Continue Reading →

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