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Month July 2013

A conversational diet

From Northstar Church’s sermon Sunday. (Link) Let’s ween ourselves off careless, worldly speech that is focused only on the trivial and meaningless, and let’s begin a speech feast of grace, truth and beauty. Listen here.

The dilemma of where to post creative content on the interwebs

A cultural communication crisis Our country is in the communication crisis. No one knows how to communicate with one another anymore. It’s not just speaking to another person face-to-face. It’s that we all have our own communication preferences. Some people… Continue Reading →

Connectedness vs relationship

Great thoughts from whimzie: We live in a world where with a few keystrokes and in a matter of seconds, people all over the world can know our opinion about anything we want to share. I’m sharing these thoughts of… Continue Reading →

Advantages to a dumb phone and thoughts on going back to an iPhone

On May 29, 2013, I boxed up my iPhone 5 and put it in a drawer. It’s been almost two months since then. You can review some of the reasons why and my reflections on being a dumb-phone user in… Continue Reading →

A few reflections about Uncle Jr.

He’s known on my side of the family simply as “Uncle Jr.” He’s my dad’s brother, the oldest son of my grandparents, Harry and Opal Noble. His real name is Harry Noble, Jr. He was born on June 6, 1930…. Continue Reading →

From Texas to Tampa

It doesn’t seem like our family can ever travel without being stranded somewhere. Whether it’s a volcano in Alaska or missed flights in Spain, the Nobles have a propensity for flexibility and sleeping in unplanned places. Last year, when Caro… Continue Reading →

Pay attention to Egypt

In Why the Western Media are Getting Egypt Wrong, we see how western media is allowing a powerful movement for democracy in the Middle East to get overlooked because of their deep stupidity and ignorance. This grave misrepresentation of the… Continue Reading →

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