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Month September 2013

Why you’d better speak up, cherish and remind one another about the preciousness of religious freedom

I nodded my head through the article in World Magazine by Ken Blackwell. It was titled How religious freedom has become a non-issue in our country. Read the title again slow. Then imagine any single one of our nation’s forefathers or… Continue Reading →

Put down your phone

This video will make you rethink and realize afresh how much that little screen in your hand is obstructing your vision of your world and the people in it. Have you given yourself guard rails to ensure that your device… Continue Reading →

Surprises about the unchurched

Thom Rainer shares some surprises that a recent study conducted by Lifeway found related to those who are not connected to a church. Our research project involved 308 men and women in the United States and Canada. Every person interviewed… Continue Reading →


This video promoting disciple-making is a spoof of the E-Harmony commercials. It was produced by two of our staffer at Northstar Church. I didn’t get to see it before it was shown this past Sunday, and I truly laughed my… Continue Reading →

On iOS 7 and pirates

I saw a tweet from Scott Duvall today that aligned with some thoughts I was having over coffee and scripture relative to our society, iOSes and pirates. @jscottduvall: More and more convinced that the driving passion of our culture is… Continue Reading →

A Boring Review

It’s not often that an author would’ve glad that I’ve read and reviewed his boring book. When I get to hash tag quotes from it as #boringbook, most would think I’m insulting him. Yet, this is the boring book that… Continue Reading →

Claytor Lake Triathlon

On September 14, Adelyn and some friends swam, biked and ran the triathlon at Claytor Lake State Park, Virginia.

Blogger down, blogger down

Aaron Peck over at Carp Dime is contemplating blogicide. I hope you’ll swing by his latest post and talk him away from the delete key. He’s been blogging inconsistently (haven’t we all?) for nine years, so it’s worth your 3… Continue Reading →

Photo: Triathlon at Claytor Lake beauty

Beautiful am for the Triathlon at Claytor Lake Published via Pressgram

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