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Month September 2013

Review: Ruthless Trust

Brennan Manning is best known for his book Ragamuffin Gospel. He passed away in April 2013. There may not be another Christian leader better known for his simple eloquence and consistent advocacy of God’s reckless and beautiful grace. His book… Continue Reading →

Why your blog is your front porch or home base

This year I’ve been in process of rewiring my brain and its use of technology. I used a dumb phone for two months to jumpstart that process digitally. I have also been attempting a content revolution in the way I… Continue Reading →

Are the religiously unaffiliated rising in proportion to the rest of the population?

Put another way, we could ask, “Are the number of Americans who do not attend church declining?” This interview with sociologist Rodney Stark about his recent book America’s Blessings has prompted me to add it to my “to-read” list on… Continue Reading →

Photos: VT vs Western Carolina

journeyguy’s photostream on Flickr. We had a great time watching the Hokies down the Catamounts for the first home game of the 2013 season at Lane Stadium!

Gobblerfest Fun with Refresh

Northstar Church’s college ministry is ‘Refresh’ and has a booth at VT’s Gobblerfest. Published via Pressgram

Apologizing to your church for leaving

I’m grateful to local pastor Sandy Young for tweeting about Edwin Andrew Love’s post Three Things I Need to Say. Love’s entry is a profound apology to a church he left, and it contains insightful reflections on our mindset of… Continue Reading →

The night before high school…

Here’s what was happening in our house.

Are “cultured” Christians just reverse legalists?

There’s an insightful give and take in Trevin Wax’s blog interview with Bret McCracken over his new book Grey Matters. But what really caught my eye was a comment McCracken made about his last book Hipster Christianity. Trevin: I have… Continue Reading →

A la carte: 20 year-old cluelessness, Milennials leaving the church?, 40-minute sermons too long?, Flickr alternative Trovebox

A la carte is a collection of articles and observations ranging from technology to church. In this entry:
Things 20 year-olds don’t get
Are milennials really leaving the church?
Are 40-minute sermons passé?
A Flickr alternative: Trovebox

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