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Month October 2013

Plumb lines

An exercise that I encouraged our staff to embrace was to create their plumb lines for ministry. A plumb line is defined in the web’s free dictionary as: 1. A line from which a weight is suspended to determine verticality… Continue Reading →

Congrats to Adelyn!

Here’s the video from Blacksburg High School’s homecoming halftime. We’re proud of Adelyn for representing the freshman class.

Video: Pirates and Planes

Let me set this video up: We were preparing to go shopping. I was teasing my family about starting a video series called #PirateDad to rival the popular Vine #Batdad, when a plane that had been circling Blacksburg in preparation… Continue Reading →

NTP: new technology phobic and Digg Reader

Do you often experience gadget or digital dissatisfaction and find yourself trolling for a replacement for what you’re using? Check out this comparison between Feedly and Digg Reader.

Friday randomness: Facebook, Do you blog?, Missional clothing, Christianity’s juvenilization

Facebook fare I had another “I hate Facebook” conversation this week. It was with a friend who had seen a post that he couldn’t resist reacting to. That seems to be Facebook’s fare: reactionary posting. Before he cooled down, he… Continue Reading →

Michael Jackson – still thrilling

It’s that time of year again, and the scaries are posting ghost rumors, mysterious photos and Sasquatch sightings. I apologize in advance, but this 2009 CNN news video of a look inside Michael Jackson’s home contains an eerie shadow down… Continue Reading →

Wednesday laughs

Here’s a few videos for your laughing pleasure. HT: My mom for the head prank video

Pastoral Prayer

In Mark’s gospel, it says that after Jesus got into the boat from the storm and water-walking incident (Mark leaves out Peter’s dip), that “they did not understand about the loaves, but their hearts were hardened.” (Mark 6.52) {Oh Lord,… Continue Reading →

Review: The Case for Antioch

Dr. Jeff Iorg is the President of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, but his book The Case for Antioch: A Biblical Model for Transformational Church is not a work that should only be read by students. Rather, it’s a book… Continue Reading →

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