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Month January 2014

Walking through the bookstore

Honestly, being a self-published author is tough when you’re in… a bookstore. You see, most of us never make it onto the shelves of a bookstore. Imagine the torture of that. One of my favorite places is a good bookstore…. Continue Reading →

Nuff said: Extroversion vs Introversion, Are you naked?, Christian resolutions, Recommending books.. and more

Extroversion vs Introversion I’ve seen several articles recently reexamining the stereotypes of introverts and extroverts. Simply put, too many people make the wrong assumptions about their own strengths and weaknesses in life because they’re labeled (and many times self-labeled) as… Continue Reading →

Sunday nights in the 70s

I was 10 years old in 1978. Sunday nights had two conflicting priorities in our household. One was church. The other was the Wonderful World of Disney. The conflict was one of epic proportions for kids whose families went to… Continue Reading →

The gift of eternal words made personal – get a journaling Bible

Last March for Sam’s 16th birthday, I gave him a Bible. Not just any Bible, but I gave him my Bible. It was a journaling Bible I bought several years ago for the purpose of giving to Sam on his… Continue Reading →

Happy birthday to me

Today I turn 46. I think that safely qualifies me as middle age. I have no crisis at present, but they’re relatively easy to manufacture, so I can put that off for a last minute project – like cramming for… Continue Reading →

‘Nuff said: Fake friends, wrecking friends, loss of interaction, Hello-my name is Church

We’re not friends and that’s ok Kyle Stiemsma nails it when talking about the tendency we sometimes have in an awkward encounter to make small talk when both people know that we’re just making small talk. He exposes it and… Continue Reading →

Reflections on “Explicit Gospel” by Matt Chandler

I mentioned in this post that I’m beginning the new year by reading Matt Chandler’s book Explicit Gospel and invited anyone who’s interested to join me. This blog post will serve as an anchor and a conversation point. I’ll be periodically… Continue Reading →

Dude Perfect from Reunion Tower

These guys make me proud to be an American..

Join me on a 7-day Bible reading plan

Join me in a seven-day Bible reading plan and/or reading Matt Chandler’s “Explicit Gospel” book.

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