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Month September 2014

10 Recommended Books (that you may not have heard of) #5

#5 in the series of “books to read that you’ve never heard of” is “The Gifts of the Jews” by Thomas Cahill. It’s readable, warm and winsome. You’ll be done before you know it due to Cahill’s writing style.

‘Nuff Said: Improving Your “Do,” Things to pray for your kids, 20 things you shouldn’t do if you’re over 20, 30 things you may already be doing that impress others, when a cult repents, too much phone? and Star Trek

This “nuff said” is a random assortment from the web, including: a cult that repents, why you need to quick looking at your phone so much, Star Trek and praying for your kids. Oh, and if you’re over 20, don’t say YOLO. Ever.

A living masterpiece

A “spoken word” video by Jefferson Bethke amplifies the truth that we are God’s canvas, and supplements a sermon I preached at Northstar Church called “Selfless Self Love” in our r12 series.

10 Recommended books (that you haven’t heard of) #6

The sixth book in the series of “books to read that you’ve never heard” of is “Rare Jewel of Chrstian Contentment,” written in the 1600s. If you’re looking for a book that will help your heart find peace, this is a great place to start.

Full circle with a “straw cake”

A simple coconut cake brings life full circle. Check out the time lapse video of it being made.

10 Recommended books (that you haven’t heard of) #7

The next in the series of books that you haven’t heard of is.. “Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History.” Don’t rule it out. It’s an epic tale of the first three centuries of the Christian movement.

Many thanks to Northstar Church in our first five years

Northstar Church recognized us on Sunday, September 14 2014 for our five year anniversary of serving with them. The video they produced for the occasion captures our fun and enjoyment pretty dead-on.

Ode to fantasy football

Before fantasy football was done on websites, it was a pencil and paper affair. This epic post recounts the evolvement of the “Sport” and Jeff’s shenanigans along the way to winning a few championships.

10 Recommended books (that you haven’t heard of) #8

It’s the kind of writing that makes one a lover of history. The 1927 Mississippi flood didn’t change the course of the river (it was that big!), it changed the course of our nation and the destiny of towns up and down the river. This is another entry in the “10 Recommended books (that you haven’t heard of)”

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