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Month February 2015

Review: The Ishbane Conspiracy

This book review of Randy Alcorn’s demonic thriller “The Ishbane Conspiracy” helps one understand that a demon may not want to possess you but simply distract you from following Christ. It’s premise and the means used by the demon Ishbane are sobering.

Sermon in a slanket

When Northstar Church had to cancel their Sunday services due to snow, I may or may not have begun the sermon mini-series on “Deliverance” in a slanket.

Video: Snow day again…

Nashville realtor Adam Helton makes a perfect “snow day” video for parents of all ages…


The news from the biopsy is in… and we have an opportunity to cherish not good health but a good God.

Picture: Snowpocalypse 2015

It begins.

Nuff Said: Demise of blog commenting, Small Groups make a BIG difference, Questions for sleepy Christians, & 11 books we lie about reading

“Nuff said” is a collection of saved entries from across the interwebs. This selection features: the demise of blog commenting, how Small Groups make a BIG difference, questions for sleepy Christians, & 11 books we lie about reading

Moving toward knowledge: surgery

It’s the night before surgery and all through the house… not a creature is stirring, not even a… well, our high school senior is downstairs playing the guitar at midnight… A quick text message silenced that. Anyway, here’s a late-night update on Carolyn’s next health step.

Apples better than coffee

Another example of ordinary, everyday conversations at our house reveals how truth happens… and apples and coffee go head to head.

A personal prayer from 2009

A personal prayer from 5/11/09: “Help us proclaim the joy of Christ and His forgiveness from every deer stand, shopping line, football game and classroom – and blog.”

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