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Month June 2015

The “Supreme” Court, indeed: thoughts on the same-sex marriage decision

The SCOTUS rules in favor of establishing same-sex marriage for the entire country. For the Christian, it’s not a time to preach doom and gloom nor wring your hands in anguish. Rather, it’s a time to commit to pray, to obedience and to loving boldness.

Happy Father’s Day

A happy Father’s Day entry to my dad. A laughter-loving, story-telling, dish-washing man’s man who has unfailingly loved me all my life.

Just Jesus

We live in a noisy world that demands your attention, and rather than contributing melodies of significance, Christians sing the tunes of culture. Consider this entry your challenge to share with the world about your faith in Jesus in a place the world is noisiest – on social media.

Picture: May 2015

This is a cool service: Inkly. It sends you your Instagram pictures as a collage once a month. Here’s May 2015:

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