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Year 2015

God the Includer

Do you think you’ve messed up, that you’ve missed your spot with God, that you’re relegated to second string – or worse, you’ve missed the team bus? God is an includer. We don’t have to impress Him or clean ourselves up. We just orient our life in His direction through repentance and wonder.

Donald Duck and our Christmas tree

Donald Duck made the Noble’s Christmas tree take a dive this year. Is Donald Duck related to the Philistine god Dagon? Read on, and… Merry Christmas!

Our Story: From planting to growth

The next chapter of Jeff and Carolyn’s life adventure called “Our Story” features the development of Journey Church in Monticello, Arkansas.

Video: Make It So

A special holiday video guaranteed to get you in a festive mood for your holiday treks…

Another thankful year

Each year on the blog it’s a tradition to offer up a post of thanksgiving. It’s never been a chore. The joy of looking back with the intention of being thankful is pretty overwhelming, actually. When you view life through… Continue Reading →

Feedback on the Apple Watch from my kids

What do two teenagers think about the Apple Watch after owning it for a few months? What are the top three things that each identifies as the best feature that they appreciate about the Apple Watch?

Quote: Your Kids Need Spiritual Heroes

The gospel is impressed on children by what they see in parents and leaders: thus, those who lovingly live a godly life in front of children are heroes. If children see husbands who love their wives and treat them with… Continue Reading →

Am I a runner now?

I’ve been running for 18 months, and it’s surreal to describe myself as a “runner.” The moniker just doesn’t seem to fit. However, it’s a regular discipline and has become an activity that I enjoy for its benefits. Here are a few things this new runner has learned.

Merry Christmas from Starbucks… or not?

Why in the world would people quibble over Starbucks Christmas cups being solid red? Get the brews here.

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