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Month January 2018

Tomorrow makes a crummy god

Tomorrow makes a crummy god.. how do you spend/waste/manage/invest “time?” It’s not a commodity. It’s a powerful deity for the arrogant.

Nuff said: Reaching milennials; Beat the idea, not the person; America runs on clicks; Email in real life

Nuff Said is a collection of posts/articles from around the web that has drawn my attention in the following ways:

Made me think
Made me wonder
Made me emote (happy/sad/mad)

This edition of “nuff said” focuses on communication and is so… 2014. Read on..

Goal Accomplished! Storybook Bible

In November, I promoted a Bible translation project on #GivingTuesday. It’s exciting to see that the goal has been reached! Thank you for your generosity. Make giving a consistent part of your life.

Go see it: The Greatest Showman

This movie is BIG. Soaring themes, immediately addictive music and excellent acting. I was surprised I liked it. My tastes trend more toward aliens and explosions. Here’s why you should go see “The Greatest Showman.”

Time Marking: From Istanbul to the Super Bowl

Our year-keeping is artificial. These 365 days are merely constructs. It’s important for us to label things so that we can grasp them. Yet, year-keeping is important for us. It teaches us to “number our days” well. One thing we learn by marking our days is that a small investment, made regularly, adds up.

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