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Month November 2018

Nuff said: The Eisenhower Box, porn addiction in the church, Why Dilbert hates goals, Are youth leaving the church? and the Celebrity Pastor Fantasy Draft

This entry in the Nuff Said series covers everything from productivity to porn, from Dilbert to church dropouts, and finally… a video on how to conduct your own “Celebrity Pastor Fantasy Draft.”

Thankful for pardon

On Tuesday President Trump pardoned two turkeys, and those turkeys will come to live out the rest of their life just down the street from us. Virginia Tech provides their home: Gobblers Rest. 

Isn’t that what we all need? A pardon? A pardon that leads to rest?

Retiring a Giant

This past August, David James retired. He left a significant legacy for me and dozens of campus ministers and thousands of students over his years of service. It was in August of 1995 that he became my boss. Almost immediately, he became my mentor and friend.

Cancer hiccups

It’s been since February 2015. Almost four years. That was the last time we’ve had a cancer hiccup. I say “hiccup” because life is so much bigger than cancer. If you are familiar with Carolyn’s cancer journey, it has been one that even her current docs say is one for the textbooks.

No silence: on personal retreats and the goodness of God

I don’t need a personal retreat to declare God is good, but if I don’t declare His goodness from my retreat, after reading Psalm 96, I fear I’d be letting the trees and rocks cry out.

Nuff said: Ode to Stan Lee

Stan Lee , creator of Marvel Comics, passed away today at age 95. Here’s my tribute.

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