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Month January 2019

Guest Post: The Difficulty of Being a Pastor

Arkansas pastor Phillip Slaughter shares eight reasons why pastoring is difficult and provides practical thoughts about how to encourage them.

Review: All Things Good

Hannah Anderson’s book on discernment is worth reading, and as we seek “all that’s good,” we are urged to not just identify the good, but to practice it.

2018… you were all over the place

I traditionally write posts in reflection of the previous year. As I’ve been reassessing my blogging lately (seems to happen at the turn of each year), I wonder if personal posts mean anything at all. For family and friends, it’s… Continue Reading →

The Christian sniper

President Trump has been in the crosshairs of verbal attack and cultural vitriol since he was elected. Unfortunately, many Christian leaders have been vehement in their own disdain and snipes at the President.

Top Books I Read in 2018

I use Goodreads to help me keep track of my reading, leave brief reviews and get book recommendations. It’s really a fantasist resource. I set a goal of reading 25 books this past year after reading 26 in 2017. I thought… Continue Reading →

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