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Year 2020

A pandemic Thanksgiving

Being thankful in a pandemic is much different than being thankful for a pandemic. However, it’s possible to be both, and when we are, we can discover deeper life in 2020 than we dreamed possible.

New Podcast: Ordinary Celebrity

My new podcast highlights the celebrity in everyone. Is it all for the sneaky goal of getting coffee with Tom Cruise? Hmmm. That’s up to you to decide. But everyone has something worthy of celebrating.

Missing nearness

How is it possible for Jesus to literally be walking with you throughout the day and you miss His presence? It happened in the book of Luke during a time of political and cultural upheaval with two of Jesus’ disciples. What can we learn?

Decision fatigue

Decision fatigue is real, and my sabbatical revealed the urgency of reducing decisions in my life. I suspect you too need to become more accountable with others about your own decision-making and begin a journey away from fatigue into purposeful, paced, life leadership.

COVID Chronicles: why me

In this second post, I try answer the question “Why me?” Why should a pastor attempt to speak to the COVID crisis other than simply “preach the gospel?”

Celebrating sabbatical

The main thing I wanted to do with this post is simply to celebrate. I did it! I took a sabbatical. It wasn’t perfectly executed, and it didn’t involve elaborate planning or expensive travel to exotic locations. It was simply a restful, relaxing, enjoyable, reflective, reading, and slow-paced life parenthesis.

COVID Chronicles: Comfort and hope

This is the first in a series of posts on COVID, culture, dialogue, hope and learning gentleness. May it lead to gracious interaction, encouraging perspective and growing trust in a God who is in control and loves you.

A note to churches: insist on sabbatical

Churches, insist on sabbaticals. Ministers and members may discover that they love the season of sabbatical and the lessons learned during it as much as they enjoy being served by a refreshed leader post-sabbatical.

A dual focus on the present and the eternal

Something I read in one of C.S. Lewis’ books has helped me focus on two things: 1) The Present and 2) The Eternal. Here’s why a dual focus is deeply faithful.

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