Inspired by Jeremy, I dug up an old Facebook tag. For those of you used to expecting distinguished and profound posts from me, you’ll be so disappointed… For those of you who know me, this will assure you that I am still not distinguished and profound.

  1. I intercepted a note in 5th or 6th grade that the girls in our class were passing around. It had every boys’ name in our grade on a sheet of paper with comments out beside their name like “He’s soooo cute” or “Adorable.” Out beside mine was “Eeeeww. Yuch.”
  2. Probably as a result of that note scarring me, I didn’t have a steady girlfriend until I was a freshman at Ouachita.
  3. I got my first kiss in a closet… from my next door neighbor in Marlowe Manor in Little Rock.
  4. When she moved, my high school principal moved into the same house. It was quite a mental adjustment. He had two sons, and I could never bring myself to tell Rick Dowda (until now) that I got my first kiss in his or his brother’s closet.
  5. I almost got suspended from high school (along with several other journalism students) for publishing an issue of the school newspaper that contained derogatory editorials about administration decisions.
  6. I went to Arkansas Governor’s School and loved it. Thoroughly enjoyed getting to defend and dialog with others about my faith in Christ.
  7. While at Ouachita Baptist University, I never knew where my car was going to wind up. My “friends” had keys made, and it would wind up on the student center steps, in used car lots, etc.
  8. My favorite ice cream flavor is banana.
  9. I don’t like tomato-ey foods. Gives me heartburn if I eat them after 4:00 in the afternoon.
  10. I used to have acid reflux really bad – even had to elevate the head of our bed – until I did the low-carb diet for 6 months. Lost 10-15 pounds, and have only had it in rare occasions since then.
  11. I have “windows” in my sinuses. When I was young and into my teenage years, I would have to have my sinuses “washed out” by numbing them and having a large syringe full of warm salt water shot up my nose. Yum.
  12. I was valedictorian of my high school class.
  13. I have some of the greatest friends and accountability partners in the world.
  14. I have a really hard time stomaching ultra-sports freaks.
  15. At seminary, I got up early twice a week to drive over for classes (took me an hour to get there) and would arrive at 5:30 a.m. I joined Ben Phillips at a local bakery just south of seminary and got all my reading done there at the bakery before class.
  16. Donald Duck is my favorite cartoon character.
  17. I’ve been to China (twice), the Dominican Republic, Canada, Slovenia, Ukraine, Poland (twice), Maine, and Colorado on mission trips as a collegiate minister.
  18. I once had my shorts jerked down to my ankles in the cafeteria line at Ouachita. I was standing in the main room with my tray in hand and had to shuffle off to the side and put down my tray in order to hastily jerk them back up. I’m pretty sure it was Mitch Bettis or Andy Dean. One doesn’t look behind you in that instant. One just acts.
  19. I was part of a choreographed lip-syncing group with Mitch Bettis and Dennis Tucker at OBU. We were called “The Goobers.” We actually got requests to perform. Later, when Dennis decided his reputation was too precious to be soiled any longer with the epithet of “Goober” (though he was and I’m sure still is one in heart), Lon Vining took his spot for a last cameo of the group in the school cafeteria for a late-night talent show.
  20. I drive a moped affectionately known as “The Batmoped.” That has nothing to do with being a Goober.
  21. I have owned just about every video game system since the Atari 2600. Heck, before that, my dad brought home a large box one evening with two knobs on either end that connected to the TV. It was the first home entertainment “Pong” system. I rocked at that.
  22. I have had a motorcycle wreck. Andy Dean was involved in that as well. Too little space here to detail.
  23. I have journaled since I was in junior high.
  24. I have had a large, painful butt boil before that I blogged about – to my wife’s horror.
  25. I love life because of Jesus Christ.

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